Brunch: Bagels, Popovers & Baked Eggs

I thought it was a good idea to make bagels. It’s not my fault — Rose Berenbaum made it look so much fun in her Bread Bible!! It was a lot harder than it looked in the book. ::sigh:: Half the time I was cursing, the other half I was laughing. The dough was super sticky, I couldn’t get them to form perfect rings, the boiling turned them into the most unappetizing brown-gray ugly masses, and they just turned out kinda awkward looking. However, despite all this, they turned out rather tasty and chewy.

Also on the menu were popovers and baked eggs. Loved the popovers — super fluffy. But DON’T leave the baking stone in the oven and then set the muffin pan on top of them. As a result, the popovers stuck to the pan, and I had the hardest time getting them out, ruining the fluffiness.

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