God’s always got a custard pie up his sleeve

Last Sunday’s brunch featured an interesting egg dish from an interesting book. At one of the bookstores here in town, I had found Monet’s Table: The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet. I bought it, not because I’m a fan of Impressionist art, but because it reminded me of my trip years ago to Giverny, the fields and fields of red poppies, the melancholic ponds (just like the paintings), and that beautiful, French provincial house of blue and yellow. I haven’t cooked much from this book — the book is less about the recipes and more about Monet — but the recipe for “savory egg custard with tomato sauce” (oeufs renversés à la tomate) caught my eye when I was leafing through cookbooks during our usual Saturday evening brunch prep. This custard was unbelievable. Just the lightest, fluffiest thing, so very subtle in flavor, and it made Morgan exclaim, “You guys have made me like eggs again.” 🙂

Today was a good day for “food with friends.” First thing, I traipsed across town to have lunch and intellectual chats with Justin prior to his departure from the States for a month. Following this, I spent the day on my feet making gluten-free pasta (Gluten-free Girl‘s recipe continues to be excellent) and fresh tomato sauce, which Cait, Kayla and I ate until we couldn’t eat any more and then we groaned about how good it was and how sad it was to throw away what remained on out plate.

So….food. It’s always better with friends.

Oh, and if it looks like we had a fog machine at brunch…we did!! It was a very dramatic brunch! 🙂

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