Hue cuisine in Hanoi

The Hue cuisine week will take place from April 9 to 21 at Spices Garden Restaurant inside Hanoi Metropole Sofitel Hotel with unique Hue dishes made by Hue artisans.

The Hue cuisine week at Spices Garden promises to bring fresh feelings which have never been experienced before. The two chiefs, one from Hue and one from Hanoi, have been working at Metropole for many years on how to build a bridge between Vietnamese and international cuisine.

Hue cuisine in Hanoi

Besides the quintessential Hue dishes familiar to cuisine lovers such as different kinds of rice cakes, Hue sweetened porridge, rice vermicelli and pig feet, and sour fish soup, visitors will have a chance to taste boldly-made dishes which combine new and traditional Hue ingredients and design.

Influenced by imperial cuisine, Hue people’s everyday dishes emphasize diversity. The more dishes are displayed on the tray, the more prosperous the host is seen. Ceremonial meals have at least 5 dishes like pork hash wrapped in banana leaves, red steamed sticky rice and momordica, crisp shrimp pastry, boiled pork, sour shrimps, and dried cuttle-fish mixed with sweet shaddock.

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