Korean food introduced in Hanoi

Hundreds of Vietnamese and Korean people gathered at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel last night to participate in Korean food festival where they themselves could make and enjoy Korean food.
The festival was jointly held by the Vietnam Korean Cultural Centre and GyeongGi-Do province from the Republic of Korea on the week to introduce food from the province to Vietnamese people.

At the festival, Korean cook showed guests how to cook mixed vermicelli (Japchae) and fried beef (Bulgogi).

These two dishes use the same kind of mushroom. The Korean cook said that this mushroom was very particular as it was planted in glasshouse without pesticide or preservation substance so it even can be eaten raw.

Korean food introduced in Hanoi

Apart from being instructed to cook these two dishes, guests also had a chance to enjoy other specialities of Korea at the festival.

They were also introduced special foodstuff from GyeongGi-Do province such as ginseng tea, canned food, soup and noodle.

This was the second time the Korean Cultural Centre organised food festival in Vietnam. Its first food festival named Dae Chang Kum last November attracted thousands of people.

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