Stuffed Pork Belly

According to chef Jurgen Kauz from Melia Hanoi hotel, this is a very tasty dish that can be prepared for a dinner. It goes down well with a nice cold draught beer, good company and heaps of fun!
Ingredients: for 8 servings

30ml cooking oil
500g beef mince
500g pork mince
500g sliced onion
250g bacon bits
1 full tsb majoram
1 full tsb parsley
1 tsb paprika
a pinch of salt & pepper
2 eggs
half tsb caraway (optional)
250g bread crumbs
one 3- or 4-kg deboned pork belly


Slice pork belly at the side.


Prepare mince and mix mince meat together with salt, pepper, paprika, eggs and all the herbs (parsley and majoram).

Fry onion till brown and add to the mixture.

Fry bacon bits crispy and add to mince meat mix. If mixture is moist, add bread crumbs.

Stuff this mixture into the side of the pork belly, use skewers to close the side Season the pork belly on the outside with salt and pepper and paprika and rub oil on it. Bake at about 160oC for at least an hour.

Increase heat to 180 to 200oC and let it bake till the outside is crispy. Use juices for gravy if desired.

You can enjoy the dish at El Patio restaurant in Melia Hanoi Hotel, 44B Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ha Noi.

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